In this context, the DPO (in Portuguese, Responsible for the Processing of Personal Data) plays an extremely important role in ensuring the security of companies and customers. Their work is provided for by national legislation and international agreements on internet safety.

We help all our customers to comply with various market regulations.


• Accounting, tax and labor
In addition to ensuring full compliance with accounting, tax and labor standards, we provide customized solutions for consolidation abroad, in compliance with the rules of the country of origin, and management reports.

• Tax bookkeeping and ancillary obligations
Advising foreign companies in rendering accounts and making tax documents available to the competent bodies.

• Execution of financial services
Billing, credit, collection, accounts payable, cash flow and bank control services.

• Review of financial statements
Preparation of a diagnosis through a review report of the financial position and operations of the company.

• Treasury
Control and execution of bank transactions.

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