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We legally represent multinational companies in Brazil, working in accordance with Brazilian law

We represent legal entities and their legal representatives in all instances.  We are Pryor's first business unit with over 27 years in the market acting as consultants for foreign startups in the country. Within the best practices and legal rigor, we serve hundreds of companies.  We have qualified and bilingual professionals, achieving excellence in this segment, with maximum fiscal and legal rigor and within the norms and statutes of each of our clients. After all, trust and security are the values that drive Pryor. 


• Use of Tax Address: we offer tax domicile for companies in Brazil that could not obtain state registration.

• Liquidator: acting as liquidator in Brazilian companies in the process of dissolution, as well as inactivation of the companies' foreign CNPJ.

• Paralegal Services: we have a Paralegal team that offers support in the preparation of DBEs, statutes before the board of trade and public entities, updates on the Board of Shareholders and Administrators (QSA) and any other certification and update services, in addition to delivery of the Final Beneficiary.

• Legal Representation Services for Shareholders and Board Members: we provide shareholder representation services to act on behalf of foreign shareholders and also Foreign Board Members and represent them before the Tax Authorities, Central Bank, Internal Revenue Service of Brazil, Boards of Trade and before public entities in Brazil (State, Municipality, Social Security).

• Local Director for Brazilian Companies: we also provide Local Director Services to act as Administrator of the Brazilian company and represent Brazilian entities before the Central Bank, the Federal Revenue of Brazil and all applicable public entities

• Pryor Portal: A platform on which the requester, whether client, lawyer or business partner, performs all service requests related to the legal representation process, such as document signatures.

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What should a foreign investor consider before opening a business in Brazil?

Opening a company abroad is a project that cannot be improvised. In countries with certain particularities, such as Brazil, with a complex fiscal scenario and intricate political situation, understanding the aspects that end up impacting the success of a business is useful. If it is true that the country offers opportunities to those who know how to use them, it is equally true that it rewards those who overcome the challenges of opening their company here.


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