Among emerging countries, Brazil is the one that receives the most foreign investment

According to the Confidence Index for Foreign Direct Investment, from international consultancy Kearney, Brazil ranks seventh among the emerging countries most sought after by foreign investors. The study analyzed the performance of 25 nations, and Brazil was ranked below China, India, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand, and Saudi Arabia.

What should a foreign investor consider before opening a business in Brazil?

Opening a company abroad is a project that cannot be improvised.
In countries with certain particularities, such as Brazil, with a complex fiscal scenario and intricate political situation, understanding the aspects that end up impacting the success of a business is useful.
. If it is true that the country offers opportunities to those who know how to use them,
it is equally true that it rewards those who overcome the challenges of opening their company here.

New legal framework for foreign exchange: main changes and expectations

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The new legal framework for foreign exchange is already in effect. Law Nº 14,286/ 2021 regulates the Brazilian exchange market, Brazilian capital abroad, foreign capital in the country, and the provision of information to the Central Bank of Brazil (BC). The rules have been in effect since December 31, 2022.

How can a foreigner open a company in Brazil?

O Brasil é considerado a principal potência econômica e política da América do Sul. Em 2019, registrou um PIB de US$1,878 trilhão, com uma Renda Nacional Bruta (RNB) de US$9.130.

Advantages of setting up a foreign company in Brazil

The economic crisis motivated by the pandemic, added to the political instability that is daily shown in the news, has lowered the expectations for foreign investment in Brazil. In a scenario of uncertainties, as the last two years were, it is normal [...]

The benefits of hiring the tax address service

When opening any company, there are a series of obligations to be fulfilled by the entrepreneur. In addition to the National Registry of Legal Entities (CNPJ), it is necessary to have the respective registrations, licenses and permits so that the business can legally operate [...]