Company dental insurance for employees

Unlike what many may think, the investment to contract dental insurance is increasingly affordable. Furthermore, the pre-contract analysis is quick, even though in some scenarios it is necessary to answer a questionnaire about pre-existing conditions.

Will life insurance be promising in 2023?

The economic and geopolitical context is giving rise to new risks, which are increasingly serious and of different natures: climatic, with natural disasters; cyber, such as the data leaks; geopolitical, with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine; and economic, in the context of rising inflation and interest rates.

Digital security: what to expect in the coming years?

The last year was challenging for all companies in terms of digital security, with several data breaches, cases of fraud, cyberattacks, and system vulnerabilities, putting both institutions and individuals at risk.

Global Insurance Programs offer advantages for multinational companies

While internationalization is an important step in the growth strategy of companies, it also presents new challenges: as soon as they establish themselves in the new territory, they are subject to the country’s regulations: legal obligations differ from one place to another, and therefore it is necessary to adapt to several different legislations.

Demand for D&O insurance increases

Recent data released by the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) shows an increase in demand for the so-called D&O (Directors and Officers) insurance. The growth was 25% when comparing the years 2020 and 2021, with an increase in the collection from [...]

ANS expands coverage for global development disorder treatment

On June 23, the Collegiate Board of Directors of the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) approved a normative that guarantees the expansion of the rules for health insurance coverage for patients with Global Developmental Disorders (GDD) (ICD F84), among which [...]

ANS approves 15.5% readjustment in health plans

The National Health Agency (ANS) approved 15.5% increase in individual and family health plans. The readjustment applies to all regulated medical-hospital plans, that is, those contracted as of January 1999 or adapted to Law No. 9,656/98. The decision was taken on [...]