Integrated and customized solutions that meet the specific and unique needs of each customer

Welcome to a unique portfolio of services, unmatched in the Brazilian market

Here you will find several solutions for the development of your business. Our lines of services range from legal representation for foreign companies and backoffice outsourcing, to corporate benefits and insurance, and payroll and HR solutions. And with the establishment of the LGPD, we also included the outsourcing of DPO (Data Protection Officer) in our scope of services.

True partnerships, built on trust, expertise, safety and pioneering spirit, are the best path to success for our customers and partners.

Count on Pryor Global, perfect for your company.


And great ideas emerge when the will to make things happen and talent come together.

When great ideas meet dedication, opportunities arise. And if opportunities find the right people, success happens.

At Pryor Global, international companies find solid and experienced partnerships, perfect to do business. It is the support of those who understand the Brazilian scenario and legislation.

They also find the certainty of security in the service provided by highly qualified specialists and teams, mitigating the risks of international operations.

They find the ease of Human Capital Management solutions that increase efficiency and allow total focus on their most important businesses. We are all these encounters. And we know how to make the most of what each one of them offers. It is in the coming together of our talents, dedication and knowledge, that the Pryor Global, a great idea, became an even greater success.


Brazilian GDPR applied to the healthcare sector

The Brazilian General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides legal guidelines for the processing of personal data. In healthcare, this means that any person treated by a professional, institution, or health network has the right to the confidentiality of information concerning him or her.


Year-end closing: what do you need to know about it?

Year-end closing is a busy time for the finance and accounting departments of every company. It involves checking and updating the accounts to reflect all the business transactions, incomes, and other events that have taken place during the last fiscal year.



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